We strive for sustainable growth


Sustainable growth of our people

Everyone has their own talents, ambitions and goals. We offer our people plenty of opportunities to steer their own careers and do everything we can to support them. Our Plantify Academy gives employees the chance to develop leadership qualities and expand their professional knowledge. It also offers tailored workshops and training courses, such as an apprenticeship programme for young talent. When our people grow, so do we!

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Sustainable growth of our relationships

We build long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers to achieve sustainable growth for them and for us. Together with our partners, we create a plant range that is perfectly suited to the retail formula and consumers’ wishes. We ensure timely and complete delivery at the lowest supply chain costs. This means we can provide our customers with quality plants, thereby helping them improve their competitive edge and returns.

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Royal Lemkes
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Sustainable growth of our world

Although plants make the world a more beautiful and greener place, our sector still faces a number of challenges in the area of sustainability. CO2 emissions, plant protection products and plastics: we can and must do better. At Royal Lemkes, we have taken on a pioneering role and are working hard to achieve our goals.

We want to make the entire supply chain more sustainable, from grower to consumer. We do this by working together, by connecting all partners, even our competitors, and by sharing knowledge. As a frontrunner in this sector, we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations and have embedded them in six ambitions – our sustainability themes.


Our six
sustainability themes

  • 1. Biodiversity
  • 2. Climate
  • 3. Natural resources
  • 4. Working conditions in the supply chain
  • 5. Society
  • 6. Employees

1. Biodiversity

Our contribution to SDGs 12, 13 and 15

Our ambition is for 90% of what we source and trade to be sustainable by 2020. Sustainable means: Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certified and both GAP and Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) certified in high-risk countries.

We can achieve more together than by working alone. Therefore, in association with other companies in our industry and Royal Flora Holland, we have signed the ‘Accelerating Sustainability and Transparency Together’ manifesto.

2. Climate

Our contribution to SDG 13

Through various energy saving solutions and the use of renewable energy in our building, the CO2 footprint of our gas and electricity consumption has decreased considerably in recent years. Today, just a small portion of our energy use cannot be covered by our battery container or the installation of an extra heat pump.

We have been working with FairClimateFund since 2018 to support a biogas project in India. This is how we compensate for the CO2 emissions generated by our business travel. Our aim is to offset not only our business travel but also our consumption of gas and electricity in the near future.

We supply solar energy to our employees

3. Natural resources

Our contribution to SDGs 12 and 14

In 2018, we turned our attention to the use of plastic in the horticulture supply chain and focused on three areas: reduction of plastic, recycling or reuse of packaging and renewal. In association with peer competitor Van Dijk Flora, we have signed up for the Plastic Packaging Waste as Raw Material (KVG) pilot.

In this pilot, we are investigating the possibilities of using recycled household plastic waste in packaging materials for the horticulture sector. We are also in talks with three customers to start plastic reduction pilots.

4. Working conditions in the supply chain

Our contribution to SDGs 1 and 8

Decent working conditions at home and abroad are an important pillar of our sustainable sourcing policy. By providing our buyers with a so-called ‘buyer’s checklist’ when they visit suppliers, we are helping to raise awareness in this area.

We notice that working conditions are becoming increasingly important for our customers as well. They request demonstrability through certifications such as GRASP, BSCI and Sedex.

5. Society

Our contribution to SDGs 3, 6 and 9

Through the Royal Lemkes Foundation, we support various social projects, including the Waterpas Foundation and the Plastic Soup Foundation. The Plastic Soup Foundation fights against the plastic waste that threatens our seas and oceans.

We also work together with DSW, a sheltered workshop that helps people who have difficulty entering the labour market to participate in society. In addition, we donate unsold plants to care homes and food banks.

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6. Employees

We believe it is important that our employees feel connected with each other and with our beautiful company. Our entire HR policy is aimed at enabling people to grow and to do so sustainably. We do this by offering courses and educational programmes as well as by creating an open culture in which everyone can be themselves.

It is only by being yourself that you can improve daily. When we do this together, we achieve the best possible result for our customers and for the world around us.

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