We strive for sustainable growth


Sustainable growth of our people

Everyone has their own talents, ambitions and goals. We offer our people plenty of opportunities to steer their own careers and do everything we can to support them. Our Plantify Academy gives employees the chance to develop leadership qualities and expand their professional knowledge. It also offers tailored workshops and training courses, such as an apprenticeship programme for young talent. When our people grow, so do we!

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Sustainable growth of our relationships

We build long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers to achieve sustainable growth for them and for us. Together with our partners, we create a plant range that is perfectly suited to the retail formula and consumers’ wishes. We ensure timely and complete delivery at the lowest supply chain costs. This means we can provide our customers with quality plants, thereby helping them improve their competitive edge and returns.

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Sustainable growth of our world

Although plants make the world a more beautiful and greener place, our sector still faces a number of challenges in the area of sustainability. CO2 emissions, plant protection products and plastics: we can and must do better. At Royal Lemkes, we have taken on a pioneering role and are working hard to achieve our goals.

We want to make the entire supply chain more sustainable, from grower to consumer. We do this by working together, by connecting all partners, even our competitors, and by sharing knowledge. As a frontrunner in this sector, we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations and have embedded them in six ambitions – our sustainability themes.

At the end of 2020, we also further sharpened our sustainability ambitions for the next 10 years:

Our dream for 2030
– To sell twice as many plants as in 2020: from 125 to 250 million.
– ‘Positive plants’: the plants we sell will contribute to a healthier planet and a better life for all.

Our dream for 2030

Our six
sustainability themes

  • 1. Climate
  • 2. Biodiversity
  • 3. Natural resources
  • 4. Working conditions in the supply chain
  • 5. Society
  • 6. Employees

1. Climate

Our contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 13

We can only succeed in creating a sustainable supply chain if all parties in the chain cooperate and take joint responsibility. By mapping the effect our products have on the climate, we can discover opportunities that allow us to
reduce our impact.

In 2022, we generated approx. 825,000 kWh of energy from the solar panels on our roof.

Our fleet is 64% electric. New lease cars are electric only. We now have 34 charging stations available on our premises.

In 2021, we started measuring the carbon footprints of two of our carriers. In 2022, seven more carriers joined the programme. By 2023, we aim to encourage six further carriers to do the same.

Working with Wageningen University, we published a white paper on FloriPEFCR,the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules for the floriculture industry.

Working towards our vision to supply ‘positive plants’ by 2030, we continue to reduce our carbon emissions. We offset any remaining emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) through the FairClimateFund scheme.

2. Biodiversity

Our contribution to Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13 and 14

The percentage of sustainably sourced products rose to 94 per cent in 2022. The FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative) target of 90 per cent of sustainably sourced products has therefore been amply met.

We renewed our FSC® certification for biodiversity and forest protection.

We are testing our processes for including plants that attract bees and butterflies.

To fulfil our ambition to reduce the use of plant protection products, we continue to work with stakeholder groups and networks such as Tuinbranche Nederland, Natuur & Milieu and CLM consultancy.

We are developing and testing neosticks that make it easier to check for neonicotinoids.

3. Natural resources

Our contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 12

Royal Lemkes intends to be fully circular by 2030. In a circular economy, the cycle of raw materials is closed: components and products lose their value as little as possible and are reused as much as possible.

We organised four workshops for our growers to learn more about sustainable packaging.

We recorded a Plantify® Podcast where listeners can hear Royal Lemkes and a packaging expert from the packaging advisory
board KIDV discuss sustainable packaging for plants.

We organised two roundtable sessions on sustainable substrate.

Since 2020, our goal has been a 10% year-on-year sustainable trade. reduction in plastic – an overall reduction of 50% by 2025. Our ultimate aim is to use multi-use plant trays by 2030. In 2022, a packaging material registration process was implemented as an intermediate step towards a system in which all packaging will be registered and reused.
• Registration December 2021: 15% of transport packaging
• Registration December 2022: 74% of transport packaging

4. Working conditions in the supply chain

Our contribution to Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 8

Within the framework of the International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreement, which we signed in July 2019, Royal Lemkes actively participates in several working groups. These groups are developing action plans for a living wage, a reduction in the impact of plant protection products, tackling climate change and due diligence.

We have drawn up a code of conduct for the floriculture sector. The official external rollout is expected in 2023.

We are collaborating with the FSI to introduce social responsibility certification for low-risk countries.

Our HR policy and the annual IWAY audit (IKEA supplier code of conduct) ensure we provide good working conditions for our colleagues.

We are a member of both the Sedex and amfori communities for enhancing sustainable trade.

We concluded the IRBC Agreement to promote international corporate social responsibility

5. Society

Our contribution to Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6 and 9

Whatever the earth gives, we need to give back. That’s the motto at Care & Share, which supports initiatives that help people grow and strengthen communities. Together, we can help create a more caring, healthier and sustainable society.
Royal Lemkes financially supports various charities, but our employees can also request additional support for any initiatives they are actively engaged in.

6. Employees

We believe it is important that our employees feel connected with each other and with our beautiful company. Our entire HR policy is aimed at enabling people to grow and to do so sustainably. We do this by offering courses and educational programmes as well as by creating an open culture in which everyone can be themselves.

It is only by being yourself that you can improve daily. When we do this together, we achieve the best possible result for our customers and for the world around us.

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