We give our customers exactly what they need


1. Sourcing & Advice

All our customers have their own designated customer team which translates specific wishes and requirements into an attractive offer. Our professional teams work with dedication and employ innovative tailored solutions for shelf plans, sustainable concepts and brands – and much more. We achieve this by working in accordance with data analyses, legislation and the latest consumer trends. And we maintain a firm focus on the target group so that our customers can continue to surprise and add value for their customers.

More than 20 product specialists who know everything there is to know about plants work closely with the best growers and breeders in the world. We can therefore always find or breed the perfect plant and guarantee a high-quality, distinctive range of products. Available at the right time, with minimal loss and the best possible result.


2. Operations & Supply Chain

Plants were not made to be transported. Each plant is different and all require the right care and attention. It takes specific knowledge and skills to get from the grower to fresh on the shelf. We are good at that. By working intensively with others and by focusing on long-term relationships, we create sustainable growth for ourselves, our customers and our partners in the supply chain.

From the best growers and suppliers to the most reliable carriers who can meet the strictest retail conditions, we work together and succeed in continually optimising the supply chain. It’s all about being more efficient, reliable and sustainable. We apply Lean methods to achieve this. In fact, our use of data and digital resources is so widespread that you could even call us a tech company.


3. A tailored service package for every retailer

Data & Digital

We use data to provide insights that can be particularly useful from a business perspective. This information also makes it possible to continuously optimise processes.

Trade Marketing

A distinctive plant range is increasingly important to our customers. Our experts translate trends and consumer wishes into highly attractive shelf presentations, concepts and brands.


We help our customers grow online and remain successful with modern e-fulfilment solutions.

Supply Chain Services

Through tailored services, we ensure an optimal supply chain with attention to both quality and speed.

Sustainability & Compliance

We support our customers in making their business operations and products more sustainable. In addition to monitoring the quality policy, we also ensure that there are thorough checks throughout the entire supply chain.


Royal Lemkes is a financially healthy company and can therefore offer its customers a financial plan tailored to their needs.


Attention and perfection

At Royal Lemkes, the customer truly comes first

We work with designated customer teams that combine multiple disciplines to translate customer needs into an appropriate and distinctive offer. We call this Customer Intimacy. Our aim is to achieve Operational Excellence and to do a little better every day. Because of our scale and size, we can deliver our plants at the lowest possible cost to no fewer than 36 countries throughout Europe.

We are proud to work for: