1 May  •

Annual Report 2023

“If you don’t know the past, you can’t understand the present and you can’t shape the future.”
Therefore we look back to the past but also forward to the future in this annual report.

Past | 2023 marked another challenging year for Royal Lemkes. Instead of the hoped-for growth, our revenue dropped slightly. But by looking closely at our cost pattern, we managed to achieve operational efficiencies and ended the year with a positive result.

Present | In 2024, we continue on the course set for supply chain and cost optimisation — not only at Royal Lemkes but also at Plantify Partners Europe (PPE), our parent company. Overall, our strategy remains unchanged: we believe in plants, in our people and in the sustaina­ble growth of our business. We are, however, shifting our strategic focus to a more external, results-oriented approach. To encourage sustainable growth, we are focusing on forward-looking themes.

Future |  First, we will concentrate on growth with existing customers. We will also focus on acquiring new customers and expanding our network with potential sister companies. Second, we will intensify our focus on technology. And finally, we will take further tar­geted steps to realise our dream of selling only ‘positive plants’ by 2030.

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