9 July  •

Green is more than beautiful!


On Friday 5 July, the Ronald Moerings Foundation and Royal Lemkes completed the first greening phase in the central hall and outdoor gardens of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AvL), the hospital and research institute in Amsterdam specialising in cancer. This symbolises the start of our multi-year cooperation after signing an agreement in May this year. This project promises to not only create a beautiful oasis, but also bring hope and confidence to those who need it most.

A beautiful green moss artwork measuring 3.5 x 2.5 metres has been unveiled depicting the contours of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. In addition, seven beautiful plant dividers and several seating units have been greened. The central hall will be further greened over the coming period to gradually create a green oasis where patients and their loved ones, as well as the many employees and researchers, can unwind.
The greening was achieved with contributions from Ammerlaan The Green Innovator, VDE plant, Leaf, Nieuwkoo Europe, elho, Van der Salm & van der Knaap groep. The moss artwork was made possible by Moswens and Royal Lemkes. 

During the unveiling, a talk was given by Inggé Syaranamual of Studio Syara. Her business specialises in environmental psychology combined with interior design. In her lecture, Inggé emphasised the power of plants in healthcare environments, endorsed by dozens of scientific studies1. For instance, plants offer benefits in relation to the recovery and well-being of patients and visitors. Ekko Vermeulen presented the next greening phases and, as chairman of the Ronald Moerings Foundation, thanked all sponsors. 

Sponsors needed
We are diligently looking for sponsors for the next phases! Would you also like to join this initiative and be part of a community working together for a greener and healthier future? Then contact Royal Lemkes or the Ronald Moerings Foundation and ask about the possibilities. As chain partners, let us work together for a greener and healthier future.

The progress of the complete greening can be followed through our social media channels.

On behalf of Royal Lemkes, Ronald Moerings Foundation and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek,
Huib Kranendonk, Ekko Vermeulen, Jacqueline Stouthard

1. De Groene Stad. (2023, November 17). De Groene Stad – De Groene Stad. https://degroenestad.nl/