3 February  •

Coming Soon – Green Trend Report #3

The future keeps throwing us curve balls. Existing trends unfold into deepening complexities and uncover new paths to follow. Yesterday’s certainty is today’s doubt and may well turn into tomorrow’s challenge. The post-pandemic era spurs our talents to improvise and improve. The demands are evolving and we are there to meet them.

What opportunities are out there for our beautiful horticultural sector? And how can we purposefully and responsibly make the most of them?

Floramedia, Royal Lemkes and elho

Three key drivers in the horticultural industry have set out to provide us with some answers in the Green Trend Report 2022-2023. The elho group, Floramedia and Royal Lemkes are working together, researching new methods for us — as individuals and collectively — to sustainably enrich our connection with nature.

Rethinking the future

Rethinking the future is the red thread sewn through this research. With the trends and ideas it produces, the elho group, Floramedia and Royal Lemkes hope to awaken nothing short of a green revolution. A new way of thinking with fresh concepts and ground-breaking innovations.

With that in mind, this artfully designed book aims to inspire everyone in the horticultural industry, from grower to breeder and retailer.

The launch date of the Green Trend Report 2022-2023 will be announced shortly. Don’t miss it.