2 June  •

Whitepaper cultivation pots

In the beautiful horticultural sector a lot of plastic is being used, from trays and sleeves to labels and pots. Leaders in the sector want to work together on various sustainability subjects to be able to reach successes at a quicker pace. A whitepaper will be written for each sustainability subject. Van Dijk Flora and Royal Lemkes have taken the lead on the subject of ‘cultivation pots’. Billions of cultivation pots are being traded in Europe each year. And most of them are not being recycled but incinerated. This can be made more sustainable. Following thorough research and consultations with the major stakeholders in the chain, the companies have expressed the following ambition:

In 2023 90% of the cultivation pots traded by our companies will be made of at least 80% PCR and be fully recyclable.

For more explanation and background regarding this ambition, we refer you to the whitepaper we have written: