19 April  •

Annual Report 2020

We look back on an unusually turbulent year. It was a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic which had an enormous impact on our joint business as well as our personal lives. A year that brought lots of challenges and provided many valuable insights. In this annual report, we reflect on our flourishing collaboration with partners and colleagues and look to the future with confidence.

The most important benchmark by which to evaluate 2020 is our mission: the sustainable growth of our people, our relationships, our business and the world we operate in. During the last 12 months, we managed to strengthen our organisation across all these vital areas. The crisis period only confirmed what wonderful colleagues we have and our relationships with both our retail customers and our suppliers have continued to grow. We are very proud to have also welcomed two new customers in 2020: PraxisTuin and Jumbo Supermarkets.

The coronavirus will continue to have a major impact in 2021. Nevertheless, we face this year and the years ahead with confidence because, here at Royal Lemkes, our focus is long term. That is why the theme of this annual report is ‘Next Generation’. It is also why our own (grand)children have been placed in the spotlight. After all, they are our greatest source of love and inspiration and it is for them that we are trying to make our company and the supply chain, from grower to consumer, ever more sustainable.

Click here to read the report: https://onlinetouch.nl/royallemkes/annual-report-2020