3 December  •

New Initiative ‘Plantify Partners Europe’ brings together two prominent family firms – Floréac and Royal Lemkes – in strategic partnership

3 December 2020. Two leading family firms Floréac in Belgium and Royal Lemkes in the Netherlands have embarked on a strategic partnership. This alliance has resulted in the establishment of Plantify Partners Europe (PPE), a network of European family-owned plant trading companies that are committed to sustainable economies of scale and synergies for all stakeholders. The two firms will continue to operate independently.

PPE was founded on the premise of developing a sustainable and reliable trade and logistics network of European players. Europe has a wealth of local production regions that specialise in the trade and distribution of pot plants and these areas will be linked to sales markets across the continent through an optimal supply chain. Floréac and Royal Lemkes are two healthy family businesses, each with strong identities of their own, and both companies have been important hubs in the heart of their production regions for a long time. They are also strategically well placed and have excellent logistics platforms.

Cees Van der Meij – owner and director of PPE and Royal Lemkes: “We believe in the strength of local family firms. Together, we can forge a European network that will allow us to serve leading European retailers even better by providing them with the finest plants grown throughout Europe. Through Plantify Partners Europe, we aim to build a network of European plant trading companies that preserve their own unique identities and collaborate where possible.”

Werner Krott and Peter Van Hoye – executive partners in Floréac: “Plantify Partners look beyond returns. Of course, we want to be successful and grow but not at the expense of all else. We therefore opt for sustainable entrepreneurship with specialised family firms that occupy strong positions in their local markets. We adopt a cross-generational approach with respect for people and the planet. This is what makes family firms exceptional and valuable and this is what we want to preserve.”

Both companies will be able to take advantages of economies of scale and synergies due to the scale and size that will result from the partnership.

Michiel de Haan, CEO of Royal Lemkes: “I’m happy that Royal Lemkes has, in Floréac, a wonderful sister company with whom we can collaborate to further optimise our supply chain and the range of services we offer our customers. We can learn from one another and innovate together.”

Werner Krott and Peter Van Hoye, on behalf of Floré Group/Floréac, and Cees van der Meij and Michiel de Haan, on behalf of Royal Lemkes, will focus on common strategic issues and synergies.

With Plantify Partners Europe, a European network of family-owned plant trading companies has sprung to life. PPE invites other family firms to join the network.